ControlVision.com - AnywhereMap.com - Expbus.com - Simhawk.com - Taking web design to a new level while working side by side with the programmer at Control Vision. I helped design and build a combination of all 4 of the company websites into one massive site. Take a peak and see how they turned out.
Gallery Graphics, Inc. - I was formerly employeed here and although I was mainly a print designer, I managed to expand to web designer as well. Learning as much as I could, I used Dreamweaver3/Fireworks3 studio in conjunction with Photoshop 5.5 to prepare graphics for the new Gallery design. Over 6,000 images had been prepared for the catalog.

Drawn4u.com - My online found friends, the Hearn family, have become a major emotional support (which is truly surprising as we have never met). Steve and I met by being members of Xoom.com Art Community which shows how long we have both been online as they disappeared some 4 years ago. :)

Drawn4u has gone through about 3 site design changes and keeps changing and growing as I get photos from across the pond. Hopefully I have been an assistance to Steve's career in some way. It's been great to see his talent and skills increase over the years. Way to go Steve!!!


Picturesntime.com - My first online business is no longer selling concert clocks online. This site was my first e-commerce site. Using Mal's E-commerce as a free online credit card acceptor, each link has a description and price that is submitted. The owner is notified and the sales transaction begins. This site was built with (sigh) Pagemill 3.0 and Photoshop 5.0 back in the day.

gcomfx.com - Well, you are here! My site hasn't changed much design wise over the years. Seems the awards keep coming in so someone must like it! The site was originally built in frames for faster load times on dial up connections. Lots of graphics fill the pages still, but times have changed and so has the speed of the internet. Enjoy the site as it changes and grows!

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