This site is owned and operated by Paul Brown a Graphic/Web Designer located in Ozark, Missouri.

Current Employer:
Astral Direct - Ozark, MO

Graduating from Missouri Southern State College with a B.A. in Graphic Communication, Paul is dedicated to staying on top of the design technology world. With a variety of experience in many media's of design, you are invited to browse through his collection of art and design.

For the first time in his career Paul has left the position of being an actual designer/layout artist. Currently he is the Color Correction Specialist for a major mail-order catalog company. Astral Direct current publishes • www.lindaanderson.comwww.musicstand.comwww.characters.com in Ozark. Daily tasks include adjusting all photos for optimium color quality and product color matching to be printed in the three listed publications of catalogs. Each printing, he travels to Oklahoma City, OK to once again adjust and fine tune the color of the massive printings before they are mailed out. Currently the printing is done on the largest web presses in the United States west of the Mississippi River. Paul works closely with the press operators at Quad Graphics to ensure the catalogs are printed accurately.

Before Astral Direct, Paul found employment at Paul's Printing (nope he doesn't own the company) and works as a print designer and web designer in their newly created web design dept. It was a great learning experience as he not only furthering his design skills as a designer, but received the files prepared by other designers. Corrected and properly prepared them for digital plate output. Designing for some of the biggest stars in the Branson, MO area was a great experience.

Paul found his way to Paul's Printing after he was laid-off from Control Vision in Pittsburg, KS. Control Vision had hired Paul to be their first designer. He helped the marketing dept. increase sales both in print design and web design which quickly earned him the title of Art Director. Paul was employed here for 2.5 years before being laid-off during a company downsizing. The aviation industry was suffering greatly from the terrorist attacks and the winter weather.

Before Control Vision, Paul was employed with Gallery Graphics, Inc. ® for two years prior to his career advancement to Control Vision. Paul worked on a total new design for Gallery Graphics, Inc. ® in conjunction with Interwerk.com (a large web development firm that built the database section). One big Internet project brought a MAJOR deadline to Gallery. It involved preparing almost 6,000 images (in less than 2 weeks) for a new website called ebizmix.com, this site is a joint company with the global greeting card company Hallmark®. From there the images have been used on many other e-commence sites.

Other jobs while at Gallery Graphics included many different avenues in print production. Everything from photo reconstruction of old prints, to designing two catalog covers, even creating products. Everything from Wall Calendars, sachets, notecards, magnets, books, and many more items were considered a daily task. Paul even had one design that was a 2000 Louie Award Finalist.

Before becoming a part of Gallery Graphics design team, Paul worked for KSNF Channel 16 television station. As a CG operator he was responsible for "on-air" graphics. His design background and knowledge of Macintosh and Windows NT computers allowed him to go beyond the requirements of a Character Generator's normal routine. Paul designed many backgrounds for the 6 PM and 10 PM news. Some of his custom graphics can still be seen nightly on the news.

While at KSNF Paul was trained on Pinnacle® Systems with Deko 100 and Lightning software. He also took over the maintenance of the Macintosh computers used by the Production team.


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