Here are a variety of awards I have received:

I earned my B.A. in Graphic Communications June 2,1999.


Greetings Paul, We are proud to have the SilverSurfer on such a page as yours...It not only reflects your taste...But also ours..We thank you.... Again.. We are honored to have this award on your page.. Congrats on a *SILVER*...You are one of the best....


Congratulations, The website you submitted for award review has been chosen to receive our GOLD award. We thank you for applying for the award and we are proud to present you with it. Best of luck in the future!

Greg DeLange

Congratulations, you're being presented the Sterling Bronze Award, which puts you in the top-half of all sites applied for this award.

Best regards, S.E.Stevens

We are aware of the time and effort that goes into creating a successful web presentation. First of all, we thank you for inviting us to your fine site and the opportunity to review it. Your website was reviewed by one or more of our evaluators, and it gives me great pleasure to report that your application was successful, and present you with our MAESTRO AWARD OF EXCELLENCE!

"Mediocrity knows nothing better than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius..." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Thank you for submitting for the Gold Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too.


Congratulations! You have received the Prestigious Web Design Award. This is not an easy award to achieve and the judges feel your site has met the qualifications for this award.

On behalf of Visual Xtreme-Design Services, I'd like to present gcomfx2 with Visual Xtreme's "Gold" award of excellence. Your positive contributions make the web a better place to visit. Your work is truly inspiring.

Your site will make an excellent addition to our winners list and will be added very soon.

Jeff Krzyzanowski (Kruz)
Visual Xtreme-Design Services

I can see from your site your very talented. I like your site because it's not overwhelming, easy to navigate, great color and smooth contrasts! Your site has meaning and provides a legit service! You are a winner of my top award. I'm stingy with this one. Keep up the good work!

Regards Bruce

Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award. In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)

Cheers,...Bill Darling (bdarl@atlantic.net)

Congratulations! Your site has won the Wishing Well Web Page Excellence award! Not all sites are deemed worthy of this prestigious award. It is presented only to those who have created a site that contains enjoyable content, is pleasant to view and is "family safe". Nice job! You are to be
commended for your all your hard work.
Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD."
(As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.)
Nice Work....!! Your site has won the BMGD Bronze award! Not all sites are deemed worthy of this prestigious award. Your site and your graphic ability shows a lot of talent and a great deal of hard work I also liked the personal touch of you , your wife and child great job. As your talent and web site grows, keep me informed of growth and changes !! Creative Graphics, Great job! You are to be commended for your all your hard work.  

Congratulations! Your site has earned the Web Features Wonderful Site Award! Your creativity shines!

Web Features!


 - When a web creator reaches his goals,he is looking back on his work and he feels proud about it. That's the way it should be.
- When a fine web design is presented on the Net after hours of hard work, then it should be awarded. That's the way it should be.
- So we award this site with the Steliart Productions Cool Site Award, for a job well done.

COOL: The Cool Site Award is issued to sites with good quality and that we consider as Cool Sites. Your site is an enhancement to the Internet Community and a result of hard work in general. As we do not award sites less than that, this recognition to you is for achieving a job Well Done. Congratulations !

You've won Aerocat's Gold Award! Not only does your website showcase your many talents, but the site itself is set up very well with beautiful graphics. Your comments on your gallery pieces are both informative and entertaining. ...And you've got a link on your links page to the coolest Aerosmith page on the web. Talented and great taste, gotta love that!
Your site has the high honor of receiving the Silver for it's quality and content. -- bannerprogramguide.com

Our reviewers have checked out your site and have deemed it worthy of our 'Five Star Site Award'.

I have visited your web page and found it to be a quality site. I enjoyed viewing your page. If you have a guestbook on your site, and I did not sign it, I apologize. As you know sometimes the guestbook servers are down. Be assured that I did visit your site. The Lynx Award is not given to any site that is not viewed.

YOUR HOMEPAGE, G-Com Effects, has been chosen as a - SEPTEMBER 1999 winner of the"THE LYNX Graphics Award" presented by ALYNX.



I have viewed your site and commend you an doing a fine job, I also wish you well in all your ventures and hope you succeed at what ever you try. I have you listed on my winners page.

Dragon Master

 Congratulations on fine web sites. It is our pleasure to present you with our "Seal of Approval." We enjoyed our visit to both of your web sites. The layout and graphics made our visit very enjoyable.

Best regards,
The judging staff at Omega Web Search - www.omegaweb1.com


This award is given to sites for recognition of great design and hard work! Your site is now a winner of the MistyRain's Award for Excellent Web design!

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Misty Rain

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